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She looks at her schedule one last time to make sure she isn’t going to walk in on the wrong class. She takes a deep breath and walks through the door. She scans the room for a familiar face before settling on a seat at the front of the classroom.


Today marks my final first day of class. As I await 4:00, I’m contemplating why I love first days so much. The answer hits me almost instantly: the anticipation.


Anticipation may be one of my most favorite things about life. The feeling is incredible. My heart swells with hopeful expectations of things to come. My chest tightens and stomach flips with the nervous excitement. My eyes sparkle because I can’t adequately conceal my feelings.


Many things have triggered my anticipation over my 21 years of existence and I remember all of them vividly.

Pulling open the blue front door of my new school.

Lining up for the tip-off of the championship basketball game.

Saying a quick prayer before beginning my speech at state.

The plane ride to Arizona.

Walking in to a restaurant to meet a person for the first time.

The long car ride on the way to Destin.

The countless hours waiting by the phone to see if I had been selected for a position.

The pause right before he leans in for a kiss.


Anticipation is an amazing sensation.




Top Ten Windows Down Speakers Blaring Summer Songs

I realize that it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy, ok? Too many naps and reruns of The Mindy Project. My bad! I have also revamped my blog a little bit. I have decided to stay with Top Ten lists because they are concise and easy to read. I’m taking suggestions for new posts so shoot me a text or comment on here if you have any ideas.

I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Here is my Top Ten List of Windows Down Speakers Blaring Summer Songs. Judge me.

10. Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love happy songs. What a happy song this is! Songs influence my moods a lot more than they should. Usually, I don’t like it when people tell me what to do, but when this song tells me to “keep my head up and let my hair down” I actually obey. *hair flip*

9. Yeah- Usher

I LOVE old school rap. If it was acceptable to listen to it at all times without people thinking I was a super freak I would do it. This song flashes me right back to sixth grade. I distinctly remember laying out in a swimsuit on our back deck listening to this song playing. Back then I had a boombox and the curves of a ten-year old boy. (I still have both of these, actually.)

8. Runnin’ Outta Moonlight- Randy Houser

Leigha Pierce and I have declared this our country summer song of 2013. It talks about backroading and playing outside at night. These are two of my most favorite activities, especially in the summer. Plus, I recently learned that to make a good song you just have to put a lot of OOOOOOHHHHs in it and this song has a lot, therefore, it’s an instant classic.

7. Chariot- Gavin Degraw

This song starts out pretty slow but when the chorus hits, it’s glorious. I want to sing right now just thinking about it. Plus, Gavin Degraw’s vocals are insane. He is my musical Ryan Gosling.

6. Here’s to Never Growing Up- Avril Lavigne

Alright, I can see your judgy eyes. Stop giving me that look! I get it. This is definitely a guilty pleasure that I’m being honest enough to share with you, so be nice! This song brings me back to the angsty anthems of middle school. I don’t care if you don’t like Avril. This song is catchy and you know it.

5. Cruise- Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line’s band members are masters at turning songs with stupid lyrics into major hits. They make you want to tap your feet on the dashboard and put your hands out the sunroof. This song just makes you want to roll your windows down and cruise down a backroad. If there was ever a song that induces hypnosis, this is it.

4. Come and Get It- Selena Gomez

It starts out with a funky tune and then the beat drops and your mind explodes. Nice job, Selena. This song is sexy, but in just the right amount for me to belt it at the top of my lungs and only be mildly embarrassed about it.

3. Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

I know every word of this song. I once rapped it on stage in front of 450 people. So ya, every time this song comes on I can feel the spotlight on me and the show is on. Who doesn’t want to feel like Vanilla Ice?

2. This Love- Maroon 5

I first heard this song in the seventh grade. I used to sing it on conference calls with friends on my landline home phone. (I also had braces and a middle part so maybe I wasn’t making the best choices.) This song has gotten me through many life changes. I will forever be thankful for Maroon 5 and their poppy-est song of them all.

1. Mirrors- Justin Timberlake

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, I would choose Mirrors. The part where the music cuts out gives me chills every time.  I have experienced many great moments while listening to this song and I will forever blare it in my car with the windows rolled down.

The Top Ten Things Every College Girl Needs

There are certain items that can make your college experience much more enjoyable and productive. I have compiled a list of the things that have helped me over the past three years.

10. Fake glasses.

Or if your vision is actually impaired then real glasses would also be acceptable. Glasses make you look professional for interviews and meetings. More importantly, you do not want everyone at the library to think you are a ditzy sorority girl. Sporting a pair of glasses will fool even the library hermits.

9. A formal dress.

You will need this. I know you might think you won’t but I promise you will. There will come a time when you will need to attend a formal gathering and need appropriate attire, whether it be a fraternity formal or a puppy wedding.

8. Plans for Spring Break.

By February, we are all burnt out on classes. We need something to motivate us to keep pushing through our insanely boring classes. What could be a better motivator than a week in Florida with our best friends? This will get you happy again! Until you start thinking about how you’re going to look in that swimsuit….

7. A real backpack.

Enough with these girls carrying their books in cute little totebags! They are so bad for your spinal alignment! Class is not a fashion show and who wants to be a lopsided old grandmother!?

6. Chocolate.

You are lying to the world if you say you don’t like chocolate. It’s physiologically impossible.  Chocolate makes everyone feel better. Trust me, it’s the only thing that keeps me tolerable to the people around me.

5. Multivitamins.

When you live in a dorm or sorority house with over 80 other women it is a miracle if you do not contract tuberculosis, swine flu, and malaria. Illnesses spread like wildfire with the close proximity of everyone living together. Also, some females are not very hygienic which doesn’t help either. Wash your hands you nasty humans!

4. A planner.

You need to have a planner in order to keep track of everything. My planner saves me daily. I have always been horrible at remembering things. Alzheimer’s runs in my family so it’s inevitable that I will have it too. I just hope they make a sequel to the Notebook about my life and a really gorgeous actress plays me.

3. A sturdy umbrella.

This may apply only to those of us who attend school in Stillwater. The wind here blows (literally and figuratively). The rain/snow/hail/sandstorms always come straight at your face because the wind is intense. This also means that the likelihood of your umbrella either flying out of your hand or flipping inside out and stabbing a random passerby in the eye is highly likely. Please help yourself as well as your fellow classmates and purchase a sturdy umbrella.

2. Dry Shampoo.

Dry shampoo is my secret weapon. Don’t have time to shower but still want great hair? Dry shampoo. Don’t want people to think you’re an unshowered nasty slob even though you are? Dry shampoo. I don’t know who invented it but I want to kiss them. It’s like fairy dust in a can.


Coffee will be the sole reason you make it through college. You will forget/procrastinate to study for a test, write a paper, or make a powerpoint. Coffee will save your butt every time. Coffee beans should be regarded as magic, in my opinion. They were sent from heaven to help college students stay alive. Praise the Lord!

I hope you made it until the end and liked my list. I’m sure I left many super important things out but I’m tired and I’m too lazy to get coffee tonight.

Kisses are weird. (10 fun facts)

I’m BACK! (I promise to try my hardest to make my posts not suck anymore).


I would like to know who the first person was that decided that it would be a cool thing to do to put their mouth on someone else’s mouth to show them affection. I bet the first person that ever got kissed was pretty freaked out. I have had some kisses that have really weirded me out.

If I had to pick one topic that I felt I knew the most and felt proficient about, it would be kissing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not promiscuous but I am a hopeless romantic. However, this is not going to turn into a mushy blog post because everyone hates those. I am simply going to state facts about what I have learned about kissing in the six years that I have been practicing.

1. Your first kiss will be unforgettable (one way or another).

For example, mine was freshman year of high school with my 6’8″ tall boyfriend in the back of the basketball bus on the way home from a game. I will spare you the details but you can just google pictures of mother birds feeding baby birds if you want to get the jist of what I experienced.

2. Multiple people will tell you that you’re a good kisser if you actually are.

If you have to ask people if you’re a good kisser or if no one has just told you in the moment then chances are you are not. Fear not, there is still time for you.

3. Just because someone is extremely handsome, successful, or social it does not automatically make them a good kisser.

Everyone that comes into contact with these people will love them, except for the person that is going to have to endure making out with them at the end of the night. Do not be fooled by these imposters.

4. There is such a thing as kissing compatability.

You will kiss better with some people than with others and that’s a fact. Some people will just kiss you the way you want to be kissed and some will mawl your face like a hungry bear.

5. Lipstick + Kissing = Embarrassment

The date is going great. He is so romantic and leads you out to a lit gazebo overlooking a garden. He leans in for a kiss and it’s magical. You continue to kiss for a bit of time and then he walks you up to your doorstep. You feel awesome about how tonight went until you realize BOTH OF YOUR FACES LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE CLOWN MAKEUP ALL OVER THEM. Good going, girlfriend.

6.The worst kisses come in unpleasant places.

Guys, please do not grab random girls at parties and start making out with them. That’s just embarrassing for everyone. Contrary to popular belief, it is not every little girl’s dream to be kissed by a drunk guy in a garage.

7. Kissing can be a real disappointment.

That secret crush that you’ve had since you were a freshman in high school finally kisses you! It was honestly one of the worst kisses you have ever experienced and you think, “I have wasted six years of my life thinking about THAT?! I should have just stuck with Ryan Gosling”.

8. Giggling while or directly after kissing someone will make any person paranoid.

It can be the most secure kisser in the world, if you laugh after kissing them they will turn into a pink bubblegum lipgloss wearing, backstreet boy listening, sixth grade little girl. They will repeatedly ask you, “WHAT?! WHY DID YOU LAUGH?! DO YOU THINK I KISS WEIRD?!” until you give them a reasonable explanation for your giggle.

9. Kissing is best when you can have fun together.

If you are worried about what the other person is thinking about you the whole time you won’t enjoy yourself or the kiss. So laugh about how the other person is so awkward when you kiss them on the couch because they can’t stop moving around , leg wrestle them until you’re tired and then actually have some fun kissing.

10. After seven years of kissing, I finally had a first kiss that made me dizzy.

If you’ve stuck with me and read the whole post, I love you and remind me to kiss you next time I see you.