by sassinbows

She looks at her schedule one last time to make sure she isn’t going to walk in on the wrong class. She takes a deep breath and walks through the door. She scans the room for a familiar face before settling on a seat at the front of the classroom.


Today marks my final first day of class. As I await 4:00, I’m contemplating why I love first days so much. The answer hits me almost instantly: the anticipation.


Anticipation may be one of my most favorite things about life. The feeling is incredible. My heart swells with hopeful expectations of things to come. My chest tightens and stomach flips with the nervous excitement. My eyes sparkle because I can’t adequately conceal my feelings.


Many things have triggered my anticipation over my 21 years of existence and I remember all of them vividly.

Pulling open the blue front door of my new school.

Lining up for the tip-off of the championship basketball game.

Saying a quick prayer before beginning my speech at state.

The plane ride to Arizona.

Walking in to a restaurant to meet a person for the first time.

The long car ride on the way to Destin.

The countless hours waiting by the phone to see if I had been selected for a position.

The pause right before he leans in for a kiss.


Anticipation is an amazing sensation.